DNCR FoodBank 2015 - 2016 Annual Report PDF

Qualitative and Quantitative Outputs and Outcomes from various Feeding Centres in Delhi NCR served by Delhi NCR Foodbank linked with Savings to Feeding Programs through receiving Free Ration and Meals Support:

•  Increase in number of children beneficiaries from 580  to 650, 50 to 125  at two Centres in Delhi.
•  Increase in number of women beneficiaries from 50 to125 at Centre in Delhi
•  Increase in number of children beneficiaries from 55 to 125
• Increase in no. of senior citizen beneficiaries from 150 to 300
• In addition to the  one meal, centre has started providing snacks to children
• Opened a two new non-formal education centre with 320 children at Centre in Delhi.
• School drop out numbers have gone down immensely.
•  Regular health check up shows improvement in growth and immunity of the children
•  Able to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries in the area of health and basic amenities
• Resources saved has helped start new livelihood programs for women in Beauty Culture & Mahila Mandal
• Computer Crash Course for youth introduced
• Quality of Food has improved and therefore,  there has been an immense development in the physical & mental health conditions’ of the children
• Integration of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs in various centres.

Monitoring & Reporting: To assess the efficacy of the project, the Delhi FoodBank   provides detailed report on a Monthly / Quarterly basis on the number of meals fed , people benefitted, impact created and new partnerships for the sustainability of the foodbank operations.

An activity report of the activities of the project will also be provided to Partner/Partners on a quarterly basis. Meetings as and when required by Partner/Partners are conducted to engage and provide transparency and accountability for the implementation.