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Access food to help feed children across India

Food is fundamental for children to learn, play and stay healthy to ensure a better future.  Join us in our mission to help feed children in need across India.  We work to ensure that every child is being served every day.
We look for organizations that can help us reach out to feed children in need.  Write to us at [email protected]
Join us on this core mission and we encourage you to read the basic parameters:
  • You have or are planning to put in place an on-site feeding program for children.
  • Share an initial need assessment which we will assess at the feeding centers.
  • Provide all due diligence documents including registration, charitable activities, Darpan registration etc.
  • You serve meals or food packages or distribute packaged goods for emergency situations.
  • Report if any other food help is being provided to avoid duplication of feeding to the same children.
  • You commit not to sell, transfer, barter or offer for sale the items received.
  • Have adequate storage space and ensure food safety until used, and/or redistributed.
  • Be licensed as required by  FSSAI according to the services provided. To follow food safety, cleanliness etc. from sourcing, transportation, storage to feeding.
  • Provide transportation to pick up food at the Foodbank transit warehouse locations.
  • Facilitate monitoring as required by us,  our donors or assignees.
  • Maintain a file for receipts based on procedures of all food received for at least one year.
  • There will be no discrimination of race, creed, origin, religion, gender, age or any other reason.
  • Permit an audit decided of processes and delivery of food.

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