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Delhi NCR Foodbank
We believe that good nutrition nd hunger alleviation leads to better health, well being, income and education, laying the foundations for a socially stable society.
The Delhi NCR Foodbank is a nonprofit food distribution network that connects nutritious food to those that need it the most in and around the Delhi area including Gurgaon. The Foodbank, the first ever in India is implemented by the Responsenet Development Services (RDS), India. Since inception, with partners it has served 45 lakh nutritious meals across 30 feeding centres, galvanising the support of over 113 companies and 70,000 individuals. The Delhi NCR foodbank advocates for better nutrition through dietary diversity and food fortification to combat malnutrition in India. The Delhi NCR Foodbank augments ongoing government interventions for food security.

Key objectives of Delhi NCR Foodbank

  • Provide access to nutritious food for vulnerable populations in a sustained manner
  • Contribute towards improving food security in India through provision of better nutrition
  • Strengthen food sourcing, logistics and delivery to ensure effective food distribution
  • To work minimise environmental footprint by accessing surplus and salvage near expiry date food for disbursement at partner feeding centres and thereby minimising food wastage.
  • Advocate for hunger alleviation, improved nutrition and food safety
  • To improve the livelihoods and nutritional intake of undernourished children, women and low income families.
  • Integrate Nutrition into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), programs of corporations in India.
  • Integrate Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education and Livelihoods with feeding programs 
  • Create FoodBanks across India and Asia with local implementation partners.

About Responsenet Development Services (RDS)
Responsenet Development Services (RDS) works towards humanitarian goals through communications, partnerships and technology within the fields of hunger, health and disaster relief. With technology, we provide our government, business and NGO partners with solutions to deliver humanitarian relief. Headquartered in Texas, USA with a presence in India and Germany, we are a nonprofit organization that also provides critical Corporate Social Responsibility advisory, outreach and operational services to support humanitarian efforts as well as serve vulnerable communities.

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